Fogging Equipment | IZ-FOG  

This company is IZ-Fog with a half century of history, which has played a pivotal role in the quarantine and sterilization business in Korea since the 1960s.

For the first time in Korea we have produced locally quarantine and sterilization equipment we previously depended on import for, and now, products are being produced through our all-hearted efforts in the development of equipment. Iz-Fog takes care of people's health as a company expanding into the world by exporting to over 30 countries such as countries in South East Asia, West Asia, and Middle East countries.

The quarantine business is a very important field for exterminating noxious insects such as fly, mosquito, and cockroach which cause environmental contamination during the course of industrialization and also for overcoming contagious diseases such as malignant influenza threatening lives of people as well as animals according to changes of ecology. In particular, in a global era where national boundaries have little meaning, it is believed that various contagious diseases and accompanying problems, which can be generated by lots of human and material exchanges, must be solved by all mankind in one effort. Therefore, this company plans to initiate a pivotal role by preparing various quarantine and sterilization machines.


CEO Bae, Seon-Yong