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■ What is aerosol sterilization? (Aerosols)

It is a spray-type making pesticide grain mixed with water into fine granules less than 50 micron and making the airborne time of grain longer makes it more effective than general spray sterilization and if it is sprayed by general sprayer, it immediately drops after spraying but aerosols grain kills flying noxious insects by touch as it floats in the air. (Visually, it is like misty scenery early in the morning.) In Korea , it is treated the same as ultrafine grain spray (ULV=Ultra Law Volume) sterilization.
*Reference: 1 micron = 1/1,000,000 m

Grain size during aerosol sterilization

Grain size of pesticide sprayed from aerosol sprayer is 10 ~ 20 micron and is a little bit bigger than the size of thermal fogging grain. (0.1 ~ 30 micron) Size of pesticide grain can extend the life of aerosol sprayer. Grain size is the most effective when 80% of quantity sprayed is within 30 micron.


■ Effect of aerosol sterilization

(1) As it can prevent loss of pesticide as well as evaporation of grain by high heat during
......thermal fogging sterilization, it has a better insecticide effect.

(2) During general spray, it drops immediately to the ground at the same time of
......spraying because grain is heavy butduring aerosol, as the size of grain is small, it
......stays longer in the air, the insecticide effect is excellent as pesticide grain
......permeates into every corner.

(3) Unlike thermal fogging sterilization, it does not need to use light-oil or petroleum and
...... therefore, it saves money and also it does not block visibility during sterilization.

(4) During indoor aerosol spray, as grain floats in the air for about two hours, the effect
...... is high. Too big grain drops quickly and does not touch noxious insects and too
...... small grain evaporates too fast and the effect is low.

(5) In space aerosols, the floating small grain of pesticide in the air directly touches the
......body of noxious insects or accumulates sufficiently in quantity on small hairs of the
......insects, it becomes a bigger grain and is spread evenly on bodies of noxious
......insects and becomes more effective than sprays of large grains.

(6) If you want to spread aerosol grains more, you can add dissemination agent to water
......and can have an effect like thermal fogging.  

Usage of aerosol sterilization

(1) For agricultural use such as vinyl house, orchard, and fields.

(2) Mosquito inhabitation places such as waste lands, streams, near ponds and
...... waterholes, and near forests.

(3) For exterminating cockroach and ants in enclosed and sealed regions. (Offices and
...... garages)

(4) For quarantine projects of government and public offices