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Drone fogger Sky-Eagle

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Drone fogger Sky-Eagle
Take-off weight 20.3Kg
Take-off weight(MAX) 23.5Kg
Battery Lipo 16000
Flight time 10 Minute
Spraying time 5~7 Minute
Spraying coverage 10,000~15,000 M2(1~1.5ha)
Type of thermal fogger Air-cooled
Output of thermal fogger 18Kw/24.5Hp/15,700Kcal/H
Chemical tank capacity 2.5
Flow rate 20/H
Voltage of thermal fogger 12 V
Particle size 5~30 Micron
Drone fogger Sky-Eagle

1. Sky eagle is more effective than human labour.
2. With the remote controller, spray the chemical to the target point.
3. Remotely control fuel shutoff system to stop the engine and move it safely.
4. Video clip