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Electric Cold Fogger ULV Sprayer IZ-33

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Start Mode Automatic
Power Supply AC220V by Electric 1.6KW
Arrival Length of spray 12m(Max)
Dimension(L.H.W) 460x290x260mm
Weight 5kg
Chemical Tank Capacity 7ℓ
Chemical Spraying(max) 60ℓ/H
Particle Size 5~50Micron(μ)
Main Body Material Aluminium & stainless
Chemical Tank Material Plastic
Motor R.P.M 20,000/min
Electric Power ULV Sprayer IZ-33
  1. The Best way for Pest Control
2. U.L.V(Ultra Low Volume)Works silently. High performance and Low noise level
3. ULV cold fogger by Samsung electric motor
4. It shows 10 times more work ability than Air Pressure Sprayer.
5. Adaptable machine for using it in indoors, or outdoors.
6. Easy to handle, and Easy to use.
7. Regulating valve makes you to adjust flow rate and particle size
8. Usage : 1)Disinfection of horse stables, cattle barns, factory, warehouses, etc.
.................2)Disinfection around houses, apartments, hosiptal, buildings and so forth.
.................3)Public and private disinfection applications
9. Video clip
  <Summary of user’s manual according to the components>  
  1.Electric : AC 220V
2.Tighten the lid so that air does not leak.
3.Connect the electric cord and switch on.
4.Open the chemical cock and control valve and spray.
5.If the power motor doesn't work please check the fuse in the connect jack.
6.After the machine is turned off.
......-Close the chemical cock.
......-Turn the power off.
......-Open the chemical tank cap to remove the air.