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Truck Mounted Thermal Fogger IZ-400

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Truck Mounted Thermal Fogger IZ-400
Chemical tank capacity 140ℓ
Max. spouting quantity 200ℓ / H
Fuel tank capacity 7ℓ / X2
Fuel consumption 4ℓ / H
Spouting pipe 2ea
Pressure gauge quantity 2kg/㎡
Cooling system air-cooled
Length 1,580mm
Width 510mm
Height 380mm
Weight 43kg
Truck Mounted Thermal Fogger IZ-400

Fogging Machine on the Car IZ-400 option

<Option Item>

The turntable for adjust of the spray angle.
IZ-400 body assemble with the turntable.
Operate it remote control switch. It turned 180 degree.

  1. Double pulse jet engines
2. Double purpose (Water or Oil based solution)
3. Remote control adjust fogging direction (Turntable is option item)
4. IZ-400 is used to prevent Zika virus, Malaria, Dengue fever and Yellow-fever transmitting mosquitoes.
5. IZ-400 is suitable for using in a factory,public place and residential areas.
6. Video clip

▣ Read the operation manual& Caution before use. Make schedule of working to be finished in a short time.

▣ Caution

  1.No injection of fuel or chemical during the operation or heating condition.
2.Necessarily take mask when you fog the toxic drug.
3.The machine must be used under low pressure before & after sunset for outdoor spray.
4.When you fog the toxic chemical indoors, you can enter only after going down of fioationg gas & ventilation
5.Only one who fully learned the operation method & safty clause can handle this device
6.Technican for by A/S center or technican for this device when something is wrong.

  <FOR USE>  

1. Machine + chemical tank + control box join and control box electriclink at the car Cigar light jack .
2. Fill fuel and chemical in the tank not over 80% of the tank capacity.
3. For the start the machine
..... 1) Start the car engine
..... 2) Turn the power switch on
..... 3) Turn the fuel switch on
..... 4) Push the start switch → Working the engine
..... ※ Push the start switch - no work the engine
..................................................- Turn the fuel switch off - Push the start switch several times
..................................................- Burning inside the fuel after fuel switch on and push the start switch
..... 5) working engine - fuel switch off but the engine don't stop
..... 6) Chemical switch on - spraying
4. To end the spraying
..... 1) Turn the chemical switch off
..... 2) Stop the spraying after turning off the power switch
..... 3) Remove the air of the chemical tank