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Turbo Power ULV Sprayer IZ-12001

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Size : L 1100 x W 700 x H 900 (mm)
Spray Nozzle : 4 nozzle spray hole with
spray gun
4Wheel cart
Control box
Spray Hole 180˚ Revolve(left and right) up and down 45˚ move
Spray System Automatic on and off
Honda GX390 ,Air cooling system
Electric starter, Recoil starter (2 system)
Engine output 11.7H.P/ 8.7kw/ 3,600RPM
Fuel tank capacity 6.1L
Fuel consumption normal 3.5L/H - 3,600RPM
Proper voltage DC 12V
Air blower
Revolutions : 3,600RPM
Discharge capacity : 30㎥/min
Pressure : 380kg/㎠
Automatic pressure system 50A
Pressure : 30~50kg/㎠
Discharge capacity : normal 42 ℓ /min, max 66ℓ /min
Revolutions : 700 ~ 1,200 RPM
Turbo Power ULV Sprayer IZ-12001

1. Ultra Low Volume aerosol sprayer
2. Powerful motor Honda GX 390
3. All formulation controls at operators hand
4. Pest control applications
5. Tornado action nozzle
6. It is ideal for treating industrial,public place and residential areas where there are people and high risk for transmitting the virus.
7. Suitable for application of insecticide,disinfectant and fungicide
8. Video clip

User's Manual

1. Connect the injection hose connected to chemical tank and the remnant water hose to the pump.
2. Mix water and insect killer liquid in the chemical tank and prepare for the spray
3. Fill fuel in the engine.(Only gasoline)
4. Start the engine using start motor key.
5. If you want to operate U.L.V, turn the sprayer power on in the control box and then press the on switch,the valve that opens the pump will be started and U.L.V spray will be on.
If you want to adjust the spray amount,you can adjust it with conrol valve located beside the pump on, off valve.
6. If you want gun spray, operate the valve of the spray gun, As the spray can adjust pressure automatically, you need not adjust the pressure additionally.
7. Check frequently the lubrication oil in the engine and spray pump.