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Portable Thermal Fogger IZ-150AM

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Portable Thermal Fogger IZ-150AM
Power of operating 18.6kw/25.4hp/16,100kal/H
Proper voltage DC6V
Chemical tank capacity 6.5ℓ
Fuel tank capacity 1.5ℓ
Fuel consumption 1.2ℓ/H
Spouting chemial quantity 20ℓ/H(Max.60ℓ/H)
Cooling system air-cooled
Spouting particle size 5~30µ
Measurement(L x W x H) L1,200mm x W220mm x H330mm
Weight 9kg
Portable Thermal Fogger IZ-150AM
  ▣ FOG(Water based solution)
1. Chemical tank ------- Water+Glycerin diffuser+Chemical(ratio 100:20:1)
2. Fuel tank -------------- Gasoline
3. Preventing rice, wheat, vegetable, orchard, green house, cotton, sugar cane, etc from damage by blight and vermin,
....nourishment for trees and plants such as tea plant.
▣ Smoke(Oil based solution)
1. Chemical tank ------- Disel + Chemicals (standard ratio 50:1 Changable for chemicals kind)
2. Fuel tank -------------- Gasoline
3. Preventing epidemics, exterminate vermin,sterilize cattle shed and vermin's habitat.
  1. Fast and Easy Starting
2. High performance
3. All tanks are manufactured from stainless steel
4. Our thermal foggers comply with WHO requirements
5. Combustion pipe made out of special stainless alloy excels in resisting heat and erosion
6. Easy to operate and maintain
7. IZ-150AM is suitable for using in a factory,public place and residential areas.
8. Video clip